Who are we

We’re a creative collaboration in all things life, love and business.

Brad is entirely self-taught with an acute eye for detail and I bring that overseeing eye for the overall aesthetic outcome…he is the Yang to my Yin! 

Our creative process begins with an idea and then Brad goes away to develop a mockup for us to go over together. This can eventuate in a lot of back n’ forth, or it can flow quite naturally. The time spent in that conceptual stage is something that we both find so rewarding. Like most business owners, managing the day-to-day health and workings of the business with family absorbs most of our time…but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We hope you enjoy our pieces just as much as we enjoyed creating & making them for you.

Brad Nicholls & Sarah Woodhouse


What we do

We design for the Australian lifestyle & conditions with respect for the environment that makes our work possible. Living on the land with our connection to nature and family is a motivating force and constant reminder of why we do…what we do. 


We have the capability to design and make to order, for small right through to large scale projects. We work with timber, composites, upholstery and metal to deliver quality products on time. 

Get in touch discuss all the posibilities for your next project!

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