We only use the highest quality materials and finishes here at Nicholls Design. We are committed to only sourcing timbers from sustainably managed sources from Australia and overseas. 

Our philosophy is simple, we only make furniture that lasts. Over their lifetime our products will need a little care and attention to ensure they can be enjoyed by generations to come. 


Timber is a natural product that will respond to its environmental conditions. We recommend that you avoid extreme variation in temperature and humidity as well as contact with liquids and direct heat. Regularly wipe timber to remove dust and dirt - a microfibre cloth is ideal. Do not leave liquid to sit on timber surfaces as it will penetrate and may cause staining. Wipe up spills immediately with a damp cloth. The tone of the timber will alter over time with exposure to UV light, please protect timber from direct or reflected sunlight. Do not use cleaners or polishes as these may cause permanent damage or colour variation to your furniture. 

Slab or underfloor heating can be damaging to solid timber products. The heat causes the bottom side to dry out differently to the top which can cause bowing, warping or cracking. We advise that you do not keep solid timber pieces on underfloor heating.


Care instructions will be included for all upholstered pieces from a third party supplier.


A 5-year warranty covers the structural integrity of furniture and product. Environmental conditions and temperatures exceeding the norm, can affect the performance and appearance of your furniture, causing changes such as shrinkage, expansion, bowing, splitting, cracking and colour change, which cannot be warranted. 

These conditions include sunlight or direct exposure to heat sources such as underfloor heating, vents, fireplaces and wall heaters. As our finishes are subject to everyday wear and tear, they cannot be warranted.

Claims for removal and/or installation, transport or freight will not be covered.

As the designers and manufacturers of Nicholls Design furniture, we understand the importance of your investment. Each piece is a statement in its own right, designed to enrich and elevate your home. We also understand that accidents can happen and your furniture may incur unintentional damage over time.

Nicholls Design offers a holistic furniture restoration and repair service to ensure your furniture can be restored to enjoy for many years to come.

We ensure the quality of our design and workmanship on our products, that they will provide a lifetime of enjoyment when they have been carefully maintained and subject only to their intended use. 

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