A note from our finish department

Timber stains/finishes cannot always be matched as a lot of the colour samples/products given from overseas have many processes from wire brushing, acid treatment to printing. Our paint tech department will aim to match and in most cases it’s difficult to pick the difference. 

2 pack polyurethane

2 pack polyurethane is chosen as standard due to its all round durability and low maintenance for tables. 30% Gloss is very popular in the industry as it gives a bit of shine without being so shiny that it shows up every fingerprint and light smudge or scratch. 0% gloss gives a more natural look and also works well over solid  stains.

Livos counter top oil

Livos counter top oil is a plant based product with environmental certification that is easy to repair and rejuvenate though it is more prone to water marking from liquids if left and does require maintenance which is easy to do. Please see Livos web page for more details.

Standard stain options on American white oak

available on all timbers and products